Life is Colorful and Now I Have a Blog…

So now I have a blog…  It started because I wanted to make a comment on my pastor’s blog and couldn’t because I didn’t have an account.   Go figure.  Now I have an account and now…what do I have to say that is worth saying.

The thing most on my mind today is the devastation in Oklahoma from the tornados that hit there yesterday.  Schools left in piles of rubble, homes destroyed, lives lost and many souls in chaos from not knowing where their loved ones are or whether they even survived the relentless calamity of this massive storm.

Lightning strikes over downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Lightning strikes over downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things like this bring out the best and the worst in folks.  Warm moist air collides with  cold air and tragedy results.  Lives are changed.   Everything is changed. But over and over you hear, “we are alive and we can rebuiild and put our lives back together.”

Yes we are alive and yes we will be ok.  God put a spirit of perseverance in His people.  We see tragedy and it awakens our hearts beating in unison with our brothers and sisters.  It motivates compassion,  love and good will towards one another.  We jump up from our “normal” moments of life and are sent to a place where our subsequent actions truly matter.  And in this response we see a small part of how we are made in  the image of the Creator.  At our best, could it be that we are a picture of what God intended us to be. So what does this say about our normally routine lives…

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